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Dedicated to all the brave servicemen and servicewomen deployed "for the greater good" in various war zones around the world. You could pay the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom, as did this individual whom I knew from a young age.

Raise Up The Flag.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

Raise up the flag – you gave of your best,
And as for pure courage, yes, you passed the test.
Your widow stands proud and your children stand straight,
Your comrades salute you – for death was your fate.
The bravest of brave and a true man of fire,
A man to be followed, a man to inspire…
A hero to many, your tale will be told
By people who loved you (both young and the old).
And now you stand guard looking over us all
In a land of the mighty – so proud and so tall…
We know that our loss is today Heavens’ gain –
So we pray for salvation so we’ll meet again.
We miss you dear husband, dear father, dear son,
Though with your new army of angels you run –
We’ll never forget you and though we may weep,
You have earned your rest now – so sleep, soldier sleep.