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There is obviously more in the natural world that as of yet we do not understand, this is perhaps something to contemplate...


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

Preseli blue stones that spring from the ground,
Mystical ley lines converge all around –
Foggy the memories, hazy and grey,
Sounds from the past that echo today.

Summer solstice in a green English field,
Pagans and druids to their Gods yield –
Sacred of sacred, Deity fair,
Magic survives here alive in the air.

A circle of life – ritualistic design,
Timeless, inspiring, organic, a shrine –
A shrine to an age when magic was feared
And the true Gods of Nature were rightly revered.

So step back in time, close your eyes and you’ll see
What your soul seeks in perpetuity –
Unshackle the reason that guides you each day
And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the true way.