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Fox hunting - barbaric? Would your average farmer agree with it? How about you? What are your views?

Country Ways.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

Go fox go, flee from your deadly foe
And leave the baying hounds in your wake.
Get away, and live another day –
Make sure that your life they do not take.

Run fox run, head for the crystal sun –
Away from that shrill huntsman’s’ horn.
Keep up the pace for you cannot lose this race
Or you’ll never see another morning dawn.

Fast fox fast or your life it will be past…
The horses’ hooves are pounding in your ears –
They seem closer still, quick head for that hill
Or your family will shed a thousand tears.

Turn fox turn, ignore the muscle burn,
You know that you have to run so fast…
But they’re closing in and the pain will soon begin
And your next sleep will surely be your last.

Wail fox wail for they are at your tail,
And now you exist on borrowed time.
With that first dreadful bite there’s no time to turn and fight
For this moment you are taken in your prime.

Weep cubs weep, your father’s now asleep
From now until the end of your days,
He led them away from you little ones today
So honour him in proper country ways.

Bow huntsman bow, hold the brush high now,
Whilst the bloodied hounds have flesh on their teeth.
It’s wrong what you say this is not the country way
As the privileged ride off across the heath.

Smile cubs smile, although it’s been a while,
Your father was a hero on that day…
Remember him well and then proudly tell
Of the fox who gave his life so you could stay.