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I truly beleive that global warming is not taken seriously enough, it is time we all took climate change (for whatever reason), seriously.

The Race.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Jun 2014

It really doesn't matter
For Earth exists no more…
Mankind has left the building
Through the celestial door.
It’s gone to meet its’ maker
In skies beyond the sun,
Flying through the universe –
The human race is run.

We ignored all the warnings
And let our “Mother” die…
But do not shed a tear my child,
Do not think to cry.
For though we saw it coming –
It really was too late
As greed and global warming
Had sealed our planets’ fate.

And now in space there fly some cells
Journeying afar,
Seeking out a habitat
Orbiting a star…
Where they may fall from skies of blue
Upon a friendly host
And maybe through millennia
Reincarnate our ghost.

Yet what’s to say that we would ever
Walk upon that land?
For if we did develop
Would we use a gentle hand,
Or stifle all the goodness
That our new home could provide?
Then kill another world again
With abject homicide.

Perhaps that’s the conundrum…
We've all been there before,
We’re universal renegades
In breach of natures’ law…
We colonise a planet
Then strip it of its’ wealth –
We are the human locust
Neglecting global health.