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Was this what I actually saw, or was it merely a mirage?

Tywi Nymph.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson08 Nov 2013

Midstream, on rock, ‘neath Nantgaredig Bridge
You sit, unbowed, in flowing linen – white.
Flame haired, pale skinned,
Into the summer wind you look
Through misty, knowing eyes…
A vision for the visionaries.

So pure – your love exudes your every pore
For all around and downwards to the core.
Show me the truth
How we the poor, uncouth may pass
The test of time like you
Oh Goddess of the Natural Realm.

Our worlds have crossed in momentary lapse –
Time-shift, same place, yet centuries apart.
A pair of souls
We both pursue our goals to purge
The Earth of damned impurities…
Give power to the powerless.

Your world, my world – a universe divides.
I’m blessed with faith – your presence so inspires…
Please lead me on
Before mankind is gone to dust
And buried with the dinosaurs –
Give knowledge to the ignorant.

Please show me through your telepathic thoughts
How man can live beyond his destiny.
For though we kill
Our Mother, there’s a will we have
To fight for those so dear to us –
Enlighten the enlightened ones.

You see me there and stand to take your leave,
And smile with lips that never have been kissed…
You look divine
A woman as sublime as you
May change the course of history –
Give passion to the passionate.

Off to your home deep down within the Earth
My water nymph, swim with the current strong.
You give me hope
The downward slope we tread
Can stabilise and be repaired –
Sustain the unsustainable.

No words we spoke on that far summers’ day –
Yet blessed was I to see such miracle.
I will convey
That there is still a way to go
To pluck this planet from demise –
That we may cheat an early grave and live beyond our years.