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If you had all the answers, what would you do?

Hope For The Hopeless.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson08 Nov 2013

My battered brown case that I carry with me
Is filled with the dreams of mans’ destiny.
It is so full of hope, with an endless solution
To global warming and corporate pollution –
And cures for diseases that take us away
So we may move onwards and get through today.
There are plans that I've made to eradicate famine
And a path to salvation for you to examine…
Peace for mankind and an end to all conflict –
And a crime free existence for every convict…
A place where we’re equal under the sun
Where the sick and infirm can stand up and run.
This case that I have, I will open and show –
Then the whole world can see what I already know.