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I have seen both sides of the fence and think it is pure evil to use children as pawns in the game of life. Shame on all those who do this.

Social Injustice.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson08 Nov 2013

As the bells ring out for Christmas –
Presents lay beneath the tree,
Children dream of Santa coming
Visiting their family.

Restless darkness ‘neath their bedclothes,
Talking nonsense in their sleep –
Spare a thought for absent fathers
So unhappy as they weep.

Morning comes and Santa’s been there,
Joy unbridled, precious day –
Madness of commercialism
Though it is the modern way.

Brand new toys for them to play with –
Wrapping paper o’er the floor…
Turkey cooking in the kitchen,
Mistletoe above the door.

Perfect picture, happy children –
Ideal scene throughout the land.
Daddies sit in isolation
Thinking of past homes “unmanned”.

What they’d give for stolen moments
With their infants on such morn’s –
Family justice stacked against them
As another Christmas dawns.

Broken Britain, broken households,
Broken hearts and shattered dreams –
This is real life as they know it,
Tear-filled eyes and silent screams.