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A reminder that Christmas is not everybody's favourite time of year.

The Truth About Christmas.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson08 Nov 2013

The smell of pine, a glass of wine,
A toast to days gone past…
The children sing a Christmas hymn
And time slips by so fast.

For seasons’ cheer and cans of beer
Salute this happy morn’,
And people smile o’er many a mile
As Christmas Day doth dawn.

For Santa’s been upon the scene
And gifts this year abound,
And golden grins and chocolate chins
In every house are found.

As turkeys roast from coast to coast
And parents prepare dinner –
Children play with toys today
And family life’s a winner.

And God is good – so’s Christmas pudd’
And everybody’s happy,
In Tinseltown nobody’s down
‘Cept baby in his nappy.

And Auntie Flo has mistletoe
And lips just like Mick Jagger,
Kids scream and hide from “Frankie’s bride”
‘Cos she’s a real “two bagger”.

And laughter roars throughout the doors
Of houses in this street –
I sit alone, beside the phone
With nobody to greet.

And life is hard – no Christmas card
Upon my mantelpiece,
No decor’d tree this year for me,
No heating…just a fleece.

For those who've loved and lost – what cost?
Their days are filled with sorrow,
This time of year it has no cheer
For those who dread tomorrow.