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Royal Baby fever hits Britain ... but surely there are other, more important things to concern us?

Three Cheers.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson08 Nov 2013

Three cheers for the new Royal Baby,
And “Hurrah” for the proud parents too...
Let the bells of the nation ring out with pure joy
And the heavens be red, white and blue.

Three cheers for the new Royal Baby,
Let the peasants rejoice with the news...
As the bloodline goes on, why then, nothing is wrong
On a day we should all pay our dues.

Three cheers for the new Royal Baby,
For he’s born to be King of our realm...
May he reign with compassion in just and true fashion
And command our great ship from the helm.

Three cheers for the hungry and thirsty,
May they drink and then eat of their fill...
Let them lie ‘neath the teats of the pigs on the streets
And take comfort from Katie and Will.

Three cheers for the aged and lonely
May their neighbours look out for their needs...
May they heat their apartments in roomly compartments
Whilst recounting their previous deeds.

Three cheers for the lost and the homeless,
Let them know that society cares...
As they sleep under bridges no warmer than fridges
Clad in rags that a tramp wouldn't wear.

Three cheers for the sick and the dying,
May their journey ahead be a joy...
As they leave us behind saying “Goodbye mankind”
Well at least there’ll be less to employ.

Three cheers for the mentally challenged,
As they randomly roam where they like...
Supported by whom? Not me and not you
Nor the trained in the mind and the psyche.

Three cheers for the victims of “justice”,
In a world where corruption is king...
As their families break for a night “on the take”
And the redistribution of bling.

Three cheers for the banks and the bankers,
For they’d rob us on any old date...
Why the hell should they all get a bonus?
Little wonder they’re viewed with such hate.

Three cheers for the cancer within me,
May it grow at a much slower rate...
Though my days may be numbered let my words still be thundered
In working class homes ‘cross this state.

Three cheers for the rich and the famous,
May their lives be uniquely sublime...
We will worship the ground that they walk on
Whilst they look down on us ‘though divine.

Three cheers for Great Britain - we love you
It’s truly the land of the free...
We’re so grateful to bask in your glory
Retaining our just liberty.

So, three cheers for our Queen and our country,
Three cheers for the Government too...
Let them lead us to eat from the troughs at their feet
And be grateful for mercies – thank you.