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What in God's name has happened to civilised society? Is this your town?

Home Town Blues.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson08 Nov 2013

This fucking town is fucking dead
It’s had a bullet in its’ head.
Fucking drugs and fucking ale,
Fucking arseholes all on bail.
Fucking twenty fucking first
Century – the bubble’s burst!
Fucking parents fucking cry,
Fucking children fucking high,
Fucking I just wonder why
Britain is about to die.
Fucking wealthy on the take,
Fucking sleepers wide awake,
Fucking “phet” and fucking blow,
Fucking smack and fucking woe.
Fucking whores and fucking sluts,
Fucking thugs and fucking nuts
Roam the streets at fucking night
Looking for a fuck or fight.
Fucking weekend’s fucking mad –
Fucking bastards, fucking bad…
Fucking fighting, shagging, robbing,
Fucking veins are fucking throbbing.
Fucking leisure fucking time,
Only if you take up crime –
Burglary and benefit –
Why not try your hand at it?
Anarchy is fucking King
So are you with fucking bling –
King of Deadtown Upon Thames
Handing out your fucking gems.
Money only goes to those
Fucking dealing drugs or “hoes”…
Fucking coppers stay away
So you may as well just pray.
All the prisons fucking full,
All the good news fucking bull,
All the politicians rich,
All the schoolkids fucking mitch.
Fucking 4 by fucking 4
Keymarks on the fucking door –
Jealousy and fucking hate
Twenty twelve’s the fucking date.
Fucking hope has fucking fled –
Shit On Thames is fucking dead!
Same old, same old, same old scene
Every town I've ever been –
Britain you can drop the “Great”…
Tell you that for fuck all mate.