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I am a massive fan of Mr. Paul Jones aka David Bowie. This is a tribute piece to an incredibly inovative artist - surely a man way ahead of his time.

A Tribute To Heroes

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson18 Nov 2013

As David swam with the dolphins,
Ziggy, the Major and me
Decided to travel the universe
On a voyage of discovery.
We’d partied our way through the Sixties,
The Seventies were hazy and gone –
Our youth lay deep in the graveyard
And nobody’d heard from dear John.
It was time for us to move onwards –
Our lives were static and cold…
So we made a pact with each other
To seek new adventures bold.
Music had been our real passion,
With sex, drugs and alcohol too –
We’d seen things that never existed
Where sounds and visions were blue.
We’d outlived the planet we came from
So tabbed a lift to the stars
In a rocket that flew from America
Looking for life upon Mars.
We soared so high in the heavens
And floated around in our can –
The press made all of us heroes…
Three true delegates of Earth man!
The journey itself was amazing…
A real psychedelic spree,
And though cooped up in a spaceship
We had rarely felt so free.
There was life upon the Red Planet
With beings and spiders as well,
Tom fell in lust with an alien –
A super-complex single cell.
Ziggy befriended the spiders,
Who regarded him as a God –
It was true he was a visionary
I had to agree with a nod.
We talked of venturing onwards
Into time and space far away –
The spiders voted to join us
But Tom decided to stay.
We left him loving the alien…
For this was his destiny
And though it was hard to leave him behind
It was right we had to agree.
We said our goodbyes and loaded the craft
And set it to warp factor ten –
Then pointed it deep into dark, outer space
And took off whilst praying – Amen.
We travelled for years and saw many things
That questioned our concept of “real”,
As most of the planets we visited
Were places beyond the surreal.
We formed a band with the spiders
And toured for billions of miles –
We sang out the message we wanted
And dressed in our own unique styles.
But the pressure upon us was building
To keep moving on with our act…
I then realised my life was a mess
So I quit before I got sacked.
The band, they played on without me
To huge, sell-out gigs in the sky,
But our friendship was over that morning
When I left with a tear in my eye.
I’d committed rock’n’roll suicide –
So I thought I should find a new star…
As I pointed the craft to oblivion
Dear Ziggy, he played his guitar.
He was lost forever in music –
Years later I heard he’d gone mad,
So I raised a glass in honour of him
And the oddities that we’d all had.