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Following a throw away comment by the national treasure that is Ian McMillan on Twitter one morning regarding the dawn chorus, I was inspired to write this piece. I hope you find it uplifting.

The Conductor.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson18 Nov 2013

I look through my window and what do I see?
A stringed quartet and they're playing for me...
Four feathery friends perform as they tweet
Natures’ alarm call – my very own treat!

Below, looking upwards with twig clasped in hand
Stands a raggedy figure conducting this band...
Face filled with passion, he waves his baton
As Mr. Thrush whistles his favourite song.

Simply swathed in time weathered clothes
He conducts with such vigour – the movement he knows
And he urges the robin and wren to play hard
From the score that he’s scribbled for them on that card.

Their wings are a flutter clasping their bows
As their violins carry across the hedgerows...
Whilst the chaffinch with cello betwixt both his knees
Unites the quartet on the air through the trees.

The blackbird, head bowed, plays his viola sweetly
And the four little birds make a sound so uniquely
Divine that the wildlife assembled all sit down and listen
As the daybreak it dawns and the dewdrops they glisten.

Perfection before me, I stand and applaud
As the music crescendos and wait, oh my Lord
There’s a fox and a rabbit engaged in a dance
And I have to admit that I’m in quite a trance

As this scene that I witness is truly embracing...
Then the old fellow turns, and my pulse, it starts racing,
For this kind looking man has blood on his hands,
And his feet and his forehead, now I understand,

As this figure in rags I have seen him before,
Now he stands in my garden beside the shed door
It’s Francis, kind Francis, a saint of a man
Who conducts the dawn chorus with his aged hand.

Then, as if in a dream, the mist it descended
And he smiled at the world and slowly ascended
Whilst the creatures looked onwards with tears in their eyes
As St. Francis with angels moved off in the skies.

I still can’t believe what I witnessed this morning
As I looked ‘pon the world as the day it was dawning.
A kindly reminder of hope for mankind
As Heaven and Earth as one were entwined.