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I decided to put a twist on the legend of "Merlin's Oak", the magician to the court of King Arthur.

Carmarthen Town.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson18 Nov 2013

A town of myths and legends,
Of murder and revenge –
A town of laughter and of tears,
Of enemies and friends.

A town with a great history…
(Dates back to Roman days),
A town I made a place my home
And where my own I raised.

The jewel of the “Western Way”
Was home to me, and when
My work is over in the wild
I’ll head for Carmarthen.

Once there I’ll toast in local inn
To those who fared me well –
Who did not point nor judge me bad
And welcomed me from hell.

Then when my labour’s over
And my last meal I have made,
I will ascend to Merlin’s Hill
And into mists I’ll fade.

Then I will haunt Carmarthen town
Until the end of time,
And as you let them lock me up
You will pay for your crime.

So do not heed that “Merlin’s oak”
Or legends of that town,
For I’ll decide the timing when
Carmarthen will fall down.