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I have tried to write a poem expressing the pride of a nation and all things Welsh that sits deep in the heart of anyone who is lucky enough to have Welsh blood flowing through their veins!

Wales - A Psalm.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson18 Nov 2013

I have three feathers –
Three feathers on my arm,
And underneath it says “Ich Dien”…
Oh Wales, you are my psalm…

I have the dragon –
The dragon in my eyes,
A fiery, wild and untamed beast
That roams beneath Welsh skies.

I love the valleys
And mountains East and West,
Of all the countries in the world
My “Gwlad” I love the best.

I have the power of speech,
The power of song as well –
My patriotic fervour’s grand
I’m sure you can tell…

I’ll stride the length of Offas Dyke,
Along the River Dee –
And keep the coastal waters clear
Of the Irish Sea…

I’ll march the Severn valley
And climb Mount Snowdon tall –
Then sit astride the Brecon peaks
And watch my enemy fall.

I will defend this nation…
The nation of my birth,
This land so steeped in mystery –
The greatest land on Earth.

And so my fellow Welsh folk
Please join in with me
To thank dear God for what he’s done
In creating our Cymru.