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Most Welsh people have a somewhat strange sense of humour, I know I do. It is good to laugh, especially when you can laugh at yourself.

Canu Mun.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson18 Nov 2013

“Sing for your supper Gwilym bach,
Go and stand by there on the hearth.
Don’t worry on that bloody cursed cath –
Kickio fe’n galed yn ei arse!”

“Sing for your supper Gwilym boi
Sing us a beauty ... come on, gloi!”
With a “Tra la la la la Land Ahoy!”
And a “Dooby dooby do oh what joy.”

And Gwilym sang and Gwilym sang and Gwilym sang some more,
He sang of shipwrecked sailors as they made their way ashore,
His voice was bloomin’ lovely, furthermore ...
He sang the old Welsh favourite “Jackadaw”!

Now Dai was liking everything he heard,
He sounded like a walking, talking bird mun...
He couldn’t quite believe what had occurred
“That boy’ll be bloody famous,” he inferred.

“That was fanbloodytastic Idris mun.”
“See Dai I told you ... and he can ...
Mother dear, Gwilym’s got a fan,
Now give him extra broth from the pan”

“Jawch Father mun the broth is gone,
We had it for breakfast just this morn ...”
“Well Gwilym bach I’m sorry and forlorn,
Have this piece of coal instead.”