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I wrote this tribute to the wonderfully talented singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse after her death was announced on the evening news.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson21 Nov 2013

How lonely the life of the gifted and young,
How tragic their death can be too…
How sad that your voice we’ll not hear again
And your years numbered only a few.

So stunning the looks, so stunning the soul…
So stunned we all sit here tonight,
Oh Amy, sweet Amy, if only you knew
How we all hoped you’d win your big fight.

The irony of that “Re-hab” remix,
The sadness that courted your time…
When those who loved you for just who you were
Question why you have gone in your prime.

Fly free with the angels sweet songstress of soul,
For our loss is today Heavens’ gain…
We’ll miss all the colour you brought to our lives,
How we hope you’ll find peace once again.