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This piece is to emphasise the lack of insight we have as to what actually lies behind a person's eyes, and how society fails to recognise any warning signs in states of assimilated normality.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson21 Nov 2013

Oh flaming orb of gas and power
Come bring your warmth this birdsong hour,
Embrace my world with light and heat
That I may put the night to sleep -
The terrible night were evils lurk
And whispers at your nerve ends jerk,
Where those who sense impending doom
Await the calling of the tomb.
The screaming blackness, victim strewn,
Sharp is glass and stone axe hewn -
Where blood runs free and I am King
And devil worshippers - they sing.
I am the evil in your dreams,
I am the focus of your screams,
I am pain in all its' glory -
Fearsome, shocking, deadly, gory.
I am the nightmare that is real,
I am the agony you feel,
I am the monster on the loose,
I am the hangman’s' tightened noose.
I am the blade of hardened steel,
I am the psycho you can't heal,
I am the bullet in your temple...
I am the sanity turned mental.
Yet come sunrise I need to rest
As night time slaughter I like best.
I am the man from down your street...
I am the death that you will meet.