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Have you guessed yet? I'm bloody lonely!


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson21 Nov 2013

I wake from my slumber and edge out of bed
Then reel to the kitchen whilst sleep clears my head –
It’s quiet today, as the kettle goes on
And the radio sings me another love song.

It’s cold in the bathroom – I shiver and shake…
I wish I’d slept in and I wasn't awake –
With nothing to do and nowhere to go
Time is no longer my friend but a foe.

I busy myself, but the work is soon done
And the rest of the day is open for fun…
Yes “FUN”, I remember, and manage a grin –
But it’s years since I dabbled in personal sin!

My children are growing – have lives of their own…
I wish on occasion they’d pick up the phone,
Or better still visit and see if I’m free
To entertain them and their family.

But happen they’re busy – with work and with play…
Too busy to see me on any old day.
It’s strange how they don’t have the time any more
Whilst that’s all I've got behind my front door.

I tend to stay in now the weather is cold –
Perhaps that’s a sign that I’m growing old…
Well maybe it is, but what can you do?
You cannot cheat time, but time can cheat you.

The same old routine day after day
Numbs all your senses and turns your life grey –
I’m lonely, the solitude plays with my head,
Who knows? If I’m lucky I’ll die in my bed.

Then when I am gone and they lay me to rest
And raise up their glasses to wish me the best,
I wonder… Will loneliness still affect me
When my soul journeys onwards to fly with the free?