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Beware the perils of over-indulgence. Excess consumption of alcohol will numb all your senses and blur everything and before you know it, a habit can become an addiction.

Killer Coffee - A Cautionary Tale.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Nov 2013

“No coffee past two,” the doctor he said,
“Caffeine is no good, it will mess with your head!”
So she went on the cider, hell, that would be fine –
At least it was cheaper than bottles of wine.

The first things she lost were her kids who were taken,
She cursed the authorities – they were mistaken…
She was a good mother (well, that’s what she thought),
But drink for her habit was all that she bought.

She lived in a hovel, did not pay her rent –
Eventually the bailiffs were sent…
Her home it had gone, she lived on the street,
Where the sad bang the drum to the down and out beat.

Her mind it was foggy, her soul it was lost,
She hadn't foreseen drinks’ terrible cost –
She’d scream at the people and birds in the park
And stayed in the shadows – felt safe in the dark.

The tramps and the winos all loved this poor dear,
She’d do a good turn for a share of their beer…
A piece of the action, so wrong and unmellow
No matter how dirty and stinking the fellow.

But life on a bench is no way to live
When all that you have is your body to give,
Infections and madness with her took their toll
As she’d lie with the pigs and eat from their bowl.

“No coffee past two,” the doctor he said…
Poignant advice now that Ellie is dead.
A sad and yet true contemporary tale
Of a young girl who lived for a life on the ale.