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This piece is meant to prick the consciences of the so-called civilized nations around the world. It was spawned after watching a charitable advert on the television whilst enjoying the excesses of Christmas. I felt totally and utterly ashamed of myself.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Nov 2013

See the mother with her baby,
Bag of bones and sunken eyes…
Heartbreak in a Third World nation,
Getting set for “last goodbyes.”

Is this progress as we know it?
World Food Aid where have you gone?
People need that help beyond them…
Such a waste of life is wrong.

We all sit in comfort watching
As another baby dies…
Wrapped in rags yet loved forever…
Father digs and mother cries.

“Earth to earth,” for that’s the circle
In a world of bittersweet…
Spread your wings child, fly to heaven,
Shame your tale is not unique.