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I wanted to draw attention to the fact that when domestic violence occurs within the confines of the home, the fallout can effect not only those involved, but the whole community and beyond. Also, it is not only one way traffic. Anyone is capable of being either a perpetrator or a victim regardless of their gender or age.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Nov 2013

On an anonymous street behind a locked door …
As people walked by, she lay on the floor bleeding and
Gasping for air as her lover looked on proud of his work.
The child, though locked into his room, covered his head
And flinched with each thud as his mother succumbed
To this violent assault by the man of her dreams.

Meanwhile, on Havelock Street in Berwick on Tweed
The old man recounted how out of the blue one black winter’s day
His wife had just flipped for no reason at all
Then picked up the knife, plunged it deep in his chest.
And he bled and he bled as she laughed at the pain
That was etched on his face and the tiles swam with blood.

And the couple who seemed to be perfectly matched
Made the news of the day as a body was found
And a search was arranged to locate the young man and
The three missing children that they’d loved all their lives.
But a dog-walking youth enjoying his stroll found the car first
And he screamed and he screamed.

And I know in my heart that the way of the world
Is not as it seems, nor how I would want …
For to love and be loved is a wonderful thing,
But when love fades away and then turns into hate,
No matter the cause, it is time to move on and forge a new path.
For abuse in the home is hard to accept
In a world we would share with the fruit of our loins
And when push comes to shove, well then, take a step back
For there’s nothing to gain from a vicious attack.