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On April the 15th 1989, the FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest was played at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield. Liverpool supporters were driven into the ground at the Leppings Lane end and a crush developed. 96 supporters lost their lives and a further 766 were injured. This poem is dedicated to all those who lost loved ones on that day in the worst stadium disaster in British history, to the dead themselves and to those who were injured in that horrific event.

Ninety Six.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Nov 2013

Ninety six reasons they lied to the world,
Ninety six reasons they lied…
Ninety six people who never came home,
Ninety six people who died.

Ninety six fans who followed their team,
Ninety six fans full of hope…
Ninety six humans were treated like beasts,
Ninety six driven hard down that slope.

Ninety six souls with nowhere to go,
Ninety six souls flew away…
Ninety six looked down from clouds high above,
Ninety six entered heaven that day.

Ninety six loved ones have gone from this world,
Ninety six loved ones no more…
Ninety six victims of lies and deceit,
Ninety six killed by the law.