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This poem is one of my favourites, I get so emotional performing it. I hope you enjoy it too!

Colours Of The Night.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Nov 2013

As the sun lays down in the Western skies
The colours speak to you –
And the moon rises up with a cheesy grin
Above the briny blue.
The blackening sky and the whipping winds
And the horses (white and grey),
Break over the bow with a monstrous crash
That urges you to pray.
And the boat lifts its’ head to find a way
To reach somewhere to hide
From this scowling night and the rolling waves
Of this death inducing tide.
‘Tis then you should make your peace with the Lord
For land it is hours away…
And you know in your heart that it’s down to him
If you live for another day.
At this time of night when the ocean talks
And calls your name out loud,
Well it’s then that you know that your time is close
Tho’ you be a mariner proud.
And you fight, and you fight, and you fight so hard
To keep yourself alive…
But the sea does its’ best to steal your soul
And take you away from your wives.
And you fight, and you fight, and you fight some more
With your knuckles turning white…
And the warm blood flows down your fingertips
As the North Wind takes a bite.
And it chews, and it chews, and it chews you up
And it toys with you ‘til it’s late…
Late in the day (and late in your life),
And you’re hanging on due to fate.
Now your world’s spinning ‘round, now it’s upside down,
Now it’s back to front in this gale,
Next you’re overboard and you’re drowning (oh Lord),
And you wish that you’d never learned to sail…
For you know tonight will be the death of you
As this squall has turned into a shocker –
You should have listened to your gut today
Instead you will sleep in “Davy’s Locker”.
And it’s true what they say about moments in time
Going through your mind near the end…
Goodbye my children and farewell my many wives
There will be no funeral to attend.
Now the children wait for their father (who is lost),
But he sleeps deep down ‘neath the sea –
They will break their hearts for the man who is gone
Spilling salty tears over me.
And the sun lays down in the Western skies again
With colours so beautiful and red –
And the moon rises up with a another cheesy smile
And the big disappointment is I’m dead.