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I wanted to write a poem dedicated to my children, in case my current battle with throat cancer does not go as I and the doctors hope. However, I am at one with the world, and if this is my time then so be it. But saying that, I do not want them to feel that I am gone in totality, just visually.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Nov 2013

If now’s the time to lay me down
To sleep beneath the earth,
Then do not shed a tear for me
For sadness has no worth.

For though my presence you won’t see
The spirit will remain
You’ll feel me on a summers’ breeze
Or maybe in the rain …

I’ll walk with you and talk with you
And guide you when you ask …
I’ll be there for each one of you
Behind my weathered mask.

And for my children – young and old …
Be full of love and strong
The pride lies deep within my chest
As you take the bloodline on.

So do not fear and do not weep
But think of me and smile
For all too soon we’ll meet again
As death, she doth beguile.