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Whilst out walking one morning, two swans flew overhead in a perfectly blue sky. The image was idyllic - serene and naturally beautiful. When I returned home this poem just came to me, almost as if it were a gift from and unknown donor. Within 15 minutes it was down on paper in this form and has not been amended at all as I did not want to appear to be an ungrateful benefactor for the gift I had received.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Nov 2013

“White, white swan in a blue, blue sky,
Where do you go to? Where do you fly?”
“I’m off to the lakes in the mountains so high
To visit old friends… and I’m late, so goodbye.”

“Please, please swan may I journey with you?
Where the dawn creeps in bejeweled by dew?”
“Why yes, climb aboard for I’ll carry you through
To a place that is secret to all but a few.”

“Dear, dear swan I’m so grateful you know,
For the strength and the heart that you so kindly show.”
“Don’t worry my friend, for I know why you go…
As now is your time – we’ll go safely, go slow…”

“Kind, kind swan you carried me here
To a sacred hilltop and a sacred mere…
Up in the clouds where my heaven is near,
Now I may move onwards without any fear.”

“Old, old man close your eyes and sleep,
The sleep of the dead, so sound and so deep –
Now the birds fill the air and the fishes leap
To guide your soul home where the angels will weep.”