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I really have no idea where this poem came from. It wasn't on my mind, it wasn't what I had planned to write about that day. It just came to me - like a gift. I hope you find it inspirational and enjoy.

The Bird.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson22 Nov 2013

High on a branch in a tall, tall tree
A little bird whistled and sang merrily.
The warm wind blew and the sun shone hot
When all of a sudden – “Bang” went a shot.

The little bird fell right down to the ground,
The whistling stopped – there wasn't a sound.
There was no pain and the end it was quick
Once the barrel was pointed and the trigger went “click.”

Up in the clouds, dear God he looked down
He had tears in his eyes and his face wore a frown.
He stared at the killer with pity and shame
And asked if he thought that life was a game.

The gunman bowed down and averted his eyes –
He knew he had wronged that poor bird of the skies.
He told how the creature had eaten the seed
That he’d planted to grow that his children may feed.

“Pray tell me, have you e’er gone hungry before?
Has the wolf ever sat outside your front door?
Or have I provided for you and your kin
That you may have food o’er your table within?”

“Dear Lord, we have always had plenty to eat –
Vegetables, herbs, fruit and fine meat…
That’s why we say grace before we partake,
To honour the land for the bounty we take.”

“Then please tell me why you have taken the life
Of this poor little bird who gave you no strife…
There is plenty for all of my creatures to eat
In the fields of this land lying under your feet.”

The farmer broke down for he knew he’d done wrong
To that feathery friend who had sung that sweet song.
He lay down his weapon then fell to his knees
And asked for forgiveness amidst that warm breeze.
The Lord he looked down and said to the man,
“See, this wasn't part of my great master plan –
The beasts, birds and fishes and even a bee
Have the right to exist like you and like me.”

A hand came down from a cloud high above,
Picked up the bird and held it with love…
It started to flutter and opened an eye
Then looked to the heavens way up in the sky…

It stood on one leg and shook out a wing
Then opened its’ beak and started to sing
A song of great beauty, a song of great cheer
As the farmer looked on and down came a tear…

“Oh little bird, little bird, never again
Will you hunger for pickings, and I’ll tell you when
That you visit the farmhouse I’ll lay out some seed
So you may eat plenty of your favourite feed.”

Then God he descended to Earth and knelt down
Next to the farmer, and no longer a frown
Did he wear on his face
But a look that exuded true love and pure grace.

No words they were spoken, The farmer could see
How all of his actions were in scrutiny –
And not only his, but all of ours too
Could be seen by our Lord from his heavenly view.

The farmer looked round, but God he had gone
As through the air came the little birds’ song.
He smiled with real joy as the bird flew away
And thought of the lesson that he’d learned that day.

See, all life is precious no matter how small –
From the flea on a dog to a mighty oak – tall,
So before you cause damage or terrible pain
Remember the farmer and think once again.