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I wrote this piece yesterday (6/8/2014), as I wanted to emphasize the amount of twee poetry out there being chuntered out by elitist poets who write way too much drivel. "Stop it now"! This is a sharp, pointy reality check ... let's have more like this please......... please!

Nothing To Say

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Aug 2014

Just what is the point when you've nothing to say,
When your own mundanity lays siege to my day?
Do I care of your cat, or your garden or more?
Do I care of the jollies behind your front door?
Do I fuck!

When you speak of your wonderful moments in time
How you spend holidays drinking cocktails and wine,
How you lie on the beach whilst sunning yourselves …
And how you've amassed your personal wealth?
Do I hell!

When you open your mouth and nothing comes out
Nothing but garbage, nothing of clout …
And I look transfixed like I’m trapped in your dream
All I want to do is to shout and to scream …
“Get a life!”

Do you know of the world that we live in today?
Do you know of the price that some people pay
Just to exist and to care for their own?
Yet you’re petty and feeble and too quick to moan …
‘Cos the car needs a service, the dog needs a walk,
The neighbours are nosey and sometimes they talk
Behind curtains ‘bout this and ‘bout that,
Oh fuck here we go … yeah, and then there’s your cat.

And you’re gonna wear purple, ‘cos that’s what they say,
You’re gonna rebel against age on this day …
Well do it, but please, I said please leave me out
As the world it is dying and of that there’s no doubt.

For the ozone is going, our time’s at an end
So play your charades for you can pretend
That your life it is perfect, that your life it is grand …
Oh take your head out of that hole in the sand.

‘Cos there’s killers and rapists and pushers and pimps
And psychos and druggies and robbers and gimps
And those who take pleasure from mocking the meek
And governments whose aim is to help keep you weak.

There are natural disasters and wars everywhere
And yet money talks … but it doesn't care
That pain is abundant, that pain is the norm …
That we’re all facing up to a huge global storm.

And it’s dog shit, and horse shit and bullshit all round
For the truth see the bodies that lie on the ground …
In Gaza, in Syria, Iraq and beyond –
Whilst Ebola’s escaping from out of its’ pond.

And it’s death for the martyrs and death for us all
As our planet implodes like a punctured football
And we’re lost on a journey that takes us through space …
And it’s over … it’s finished … goodbye human race.

But the cats will survive … they've got nine lives you know …
They've invested in spacesuits and they’re set to go
On a journey through time, to a planet that’s new
Whilst we all lie dead … and it’s sad ‘cos it’s true.