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SJ Alexanderson

From Llanelli, Wales.

I am a 52 year old writer and performer living in Llanelli in West Wales. I started writing 3 years ago when dramatic changes in my personal life meant I had more time on my hands than I was used to, so needed something to fill my days and nights. I have completed 3 collections of poetry now and 4 children's books and am currently working on a somewhat surreal collection of short stories. Writing gives me peace of mind and a sense of personal achievement, moreover, I find it incredibly therapeutic and fulfilling. I also love the performance aspect of my work, however, I don't know how much longer that will last as I'm currently battling laryngeal cancer and may have to take a bit of time out as a consequence.

What inspires me?

Life and death in general. Hostilities - personal and nationalistic. Injustices (on all levels). The lack of concern on global warming. The frailties of love. Personal experiences.

My best line

You decide ...

Top 5 poets

  1. John Cooper Clarke
  2. Luke Wright
  3. Mab Jones
  4. Patrick Jones
  5. Mike Garry

Top 5 poems

  1. Beasley Street - John Cooper Clarke
  2. B Movie - Luke Wright
  3. Millionaire - Mab Jones
  4. Being British - Deanna Rodger
  5. Junior High - Michael Indemaio

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