The Theory Of Being Humble

006e25d5f93c5908e9295c648d9e7d94by Stefon Napier09 Jul 2013

I loosen myself from the daily brick of the day

The pain urges anger,

A wailing hurt that causes the heart to become inert

Like when fame fails miserably

Blackened out, a night persisted by doubt

Calls into question the integrity of the mornings

Sun rises like a daily warning

but I'm still warming


My dreams only feel close when their caught in my throat

So it's hunger to live.

Hanging on this mic so I don't fall off the cliff.

And all this popular speculation about how I convey life's sensations

is devastating God's pavement for me

His revelations are gracious

My talent is latent

but I still ask that he demonstrate greatness for me.