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Spoken Word poetry. One of my first.

Black Sooty Wit

006e25d5f93c5908e9295c648d9e7d94by Stefon Napier18 Jul 2013

I came from America
So I'm stretching my declaration of independence a bit thin
But that's just the way I penned it over this cup of sweet tonic & gin.

So where have you been?
I've been waiting,
Times would be changing but there, I never ceased to smell the scent of iodine and blood raining.

In America someones always aiming so
decide now if your feigning or maiming words because silence doesn't mind staying up till 4 AM in the morning.

Supposed to be a new day but hung up on your failures it's only an extension, a detention if you will, of your own mind.

Now having been logically ill equipped
Selfishly hidden in the back of barbecue pit
Verbs lost within the American grit
Your sanity has been written off as a myth
Timed out, my friend, undid.