Look Upon Me Dear

006e25d5f93c5908e9295c648d9e7d94by Stefon Napier23 Nov 2014

Look upon me dear
as you would, in the
evening, an hourglass.
Am I not like the failing night
over the villaggio slowed by
the accent of prompt disco
and general soul gathering.
Am I unlike the path,
between the low trees,
romantic in dawn and
dusk where there's fawns
and feather's that parade in
hints to a magical lust.
Am I not like Rome?
Those failing aqueducts
succumbing to nature's siege.
A plundered greatness for thy
to take what thy please.

Am I not a man?
Of whose natural
strength and age flee but
would slow greater if thy
could be like a damsel
to me.