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Just another verse poem. I wanted to see if I could do better with them.

Freedom of Oppression

006e25d5f93c5908e9295c648d9e7d94by Stefon Napier02 Aug 2013

Childhood is a brief little victory.
Nightmares come, but they go quite differently.
The scent of these streets is fear, fight, freedom.
The only acknowledgement of this
is a fierce skin schism.
Day and night as foes
a harsh wind between them.
Instead of eyes it's the knuckles held to the light
A sad misinterpretation of the idea of what it's like, fighting for one's rights.

I was told that world is open wide
so why does the sky fit perfectly within the context of a window pane.
My growth as person written with shades of shame because the verdict of my race is that we're all born with burdensome chains.
I revere this world because of all it's potential freedoms
Due to that I try not to go to sleep as a heathen.
Read the good book a little louder stay my ass away from that powder
Rather listen to music and rap artists,
see how they gained that power.

You see, I write at all hours.
If I could I'd let my words devour,
all the foul cowards that run the governments
but never get up to see what happens during the lateness of the hour.