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This is a short something to give to all the friendships in my life.


Pz-avatarby Sneh Lathia05 Aug 2020

There are these people,
permanently in our minds.
Can't imagine my survival,
without people of these kinds.

There are these folks,
who don't care for a frown.
All they have are their jokes,
which takes that curve down.

Some of them care like kin,
out of their understanding brain.
They always give opinions,
doubts don't choose to remain.

They always have the time
for all your personal inconveniences.
Always at your end,
irrespective of circumstances.

Seldom there is something of a spat,
which doesn't stay that long.
That's just a test of us at
how good we are going along.

This mutuality comes at a cost,
of trust, commitment, and respect earned.
Which I think aren't really lost,
and have a place in this world.

This started and should last,
at both of this journey's ends.
Let us all go past
in this life's safari with friends.
-Sneh Lathia