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Sometimes relationships aren't all they appear to be from the outside.

So Cold

35322_1400888115505_4897018_nby Softwolfsong aka Tammy Richards28 Nov 2013

Don't give your opinion
I don't give a shit
Don't speak your mind
Make it just quit

Don't ask for money
You don't need it anyway
Your place is at home
That's where you'll stay

Besides you have no friends
To do anything offline
You don't need my money
Not a fucking dime

Send the kids to me
I'll see to their needs
Even though I'm always at work
Doing stuff or asleep

When you ask for a dollar
Let me open my wallet and start sighing
Then bitch about costs
Now why are you crying

Don't cry, don't talk,
Don't state the facts
I don't care if your right
Just get off my back

Just shut your mouth
Give me a pretty smile
Be my living robot
I remember once in awhile

She looked back with her suitcase
As she walked out the door
Go find a fucking robot
This girl wants more!!!