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I lost my best friend to Cervical Cancer at the age of 31. Nothing has been the same since. I think a part of me died with her.

Memories of You

35322_1400888115505_4897018_nby Softwolfsong aka Tammy Richards28 Nov 2013

Nothing has been the same
Since the day you had to leave
For every moment that I smile
I have many more that I grieve

I walk around with a smile
Plastered on my face
Yet a hole in my heart
Because you can't be replaced

I know what it's like
To hurt to even take a breath
Nothing has been the same
Since the day of your death

I walk around feeling numb
I'm angry and I'm cursing
At man, at myself, at god
For taking such a special person

I didn't just lose a friend
I lost half of me you see
I don't know where to find it
Time isn't bringing it back to me

I'd have done anything to save you
I'd gladly have taken your place
If only I could hear your laugh again
If only I could see your face

The memories we share are forever
They bring tears like waterfalls
If only I had you hear to talk to
Not just memories on my walls

I miss you sis, I wish you were here
I wish we had had more time
I miss my sister, my best friend
Forever my partner in crime

I miss my drinking buddy
My friend who I talked to all night
Together for every life event
Things always turning out alright

I miss you Erin don't you see
Nothing is the same
You went to a better place
While only half of me remains

Your memory haunts me
Bittersweet at the same time
You went on to a better place
And left me here behind

The memories of you will be with me
Until I see you again
Until then I'll fake that smile
Underneath missing my best friend