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When you feel like you live to serve everyone and all love and hope is gone.

Lost Girl

35322_1400888115505_4897018_nby Softwolfsong aka Tammy Richards28 Nov 2013

A girl walking through life trying to hold on

Where do you go when all hope is gone?

Living a life dedicated to serving others

A wife, a friend, a caretaker, a mother

Locked away from the world to really see

But one knew her heart, One made her feel free

One knew her soul and made her heart sore

One gave her hope that in life there was more

With hope you can make it through every day

With hope you can conquer obstacles in your way

With hope you keep going, you have reason to stay

But where do you go when hope goes away?

Suddenly alone, left in the rain

No room for sunshine when she only felt pain

She lived her life serving others, but at what cost

Now all alone, a little girl lost