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A love lost. Story of my life.

Memories and Dreams

35322_1400888115505_4897018_nby Softwolfsong aka Tammy Richards28 Nov 2013

I tried to tell you I was hurting
You didn't care to hear
I tried to tell you I missed the good times
The memories I hold so dear

I tried to tell you I wasn't happy
You didn't hear what I had to say
Now you don't understand me
As I have to walk away

I cried a river of tears over you
You didn't see but they were there
I tried to tell you my heart was breaking
But you didn't seem to even care

I tried to tell you how I felt
But I seemed to have no voice
I felt broken and alone
You really left me no choice

I missed my friend, my confidant
But you were to busy to see
Over and over I said how I felt
But you just got angry at me

We used to laugh and smile
We used to wrestle and play
We used to talk for hours
But it all just went away

We used to hold each other close
Late into the night
We would make plans for forever
Now all we do is fight

I knew our love wasn't perfect
But the good outweighed the bad
That changed in the blink of an eye
Now I'm just angry and sad

You say we can't go back
To the way we used to be
You say things have changed
That the memories are only dreams

Then I guess I love a memory
A dream that I thought was real
You say we can't go back to what it was
Then how do you expect me to feel

The only thing to do now
Is to try to keep my head held high
To gather my things and go
And give you a tear filled goodbye

I'll always love the memories
I'm sorry I couldn't stay
I loved the way we used to be
But apparently that faded away

I will always have a special place
For you inside my heart
You said yourself we can't go back
So it's better that we part

Goodbye my love, I'll miss you
It breaks my heart to walk away
You said yourself our memories are dreams
So there is really no reason to stay