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Dedicated to my Dark Prince. He used to say I was his Sunlight. The light to his darkness. What he didn't know was that he was mine.

Lost in Darkness

35322_1400888115505_4897018_nby Softwolfsong aka Tammy Richards28 Nov 2013

My heat shattered into a million pieces
This time broken beyond all repair
The pain engulfs me with its darkness
The only feeling left is despair

So much death and sadness
So much darkness in gloom
Moving person to person
Now I have been consumed

Why do we have glimpses of happiness
Only to have it ripped away
All this misery and death in its place
The darkness is here to stay

I am so tired of bouncing back
It was easy with a light at the end
But the light has been put out
Hello darkness, my old friend

I will go through the motions
I’ll pretend everything is okay
I will plaster a smile on my face
While Inside I waste away

I will go on taking care of everyone
While on the inside I am crying
I slip away further away every day
Broken inside, I am dying

I don’t know the point of being happy
It only disappears
Now it hurts to even breath
There seems no end to my tears

When the numbness sinks in again
I will welcome it but at what cost
I will no longer even have my pain
The last of me will be forever lost

Inside I am screaming out
I never wanted to be broken like this again
But why not welcome the darkness
Because everyone leaves you in the end