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For my Dark Prince. He was my light that kept the darkness away. Now he is gone and I am consumed by it.

The Light She Lost

35322_1400888115505_4897018_nby Softwolfsong aka Tammy Richards28 Nov 2013

From her pain she can no longer hide
The darkness has set in
She has lost all hope in life
Now she only wishes for the end

Once before came a light
To save her from the dark
But the light faded away
Left her with a broken heart

She wanted to find the light
To beg for it to stay
She knew she wasn’t worthy though
So she stayed away

Broken into a million pieces
That could not be fixed again
She found herself completely alone
Engulfed in darkness again

She knew she was worthless
Broken in every way
She knew she had work to do
But couldn’t find the strength to stay

The pain and darkness deep inside
That she hid behind her smile
All she lost was her own fault
She was no longer in denial

She couldn’t let go of the pain
She lost her will to live
She hated herself so much now
She had nothing left to give

There really was no point anymore
To even want to stay
The future she had dreamed of
She had slowly driven away

The grief all consuming
Let the darkness in her heart
Everything she ever wanted
She had torn apart

It was more then she could take
As she cried all through the night
She didn’t want to live another day
Knowing she drove away her light

She went to sleep one final time
Knowing nothing would be the same
A life without light is no life at all
She had to release the pain

She knew she would feel hells wrath
That it would always stay
But it couldn’t match the pain inside
Knowing she drove the light away