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For my Dark Prince. I wonder if he will ever realize he was my universe and he threw it away.

You Let Her Go

35322_1400888115505_4897018_nby Softwolfsong aka Tammy Richards28 Nov 2013

Do you see her standing beside you

No you don’t, because she’s gone

You let her slip out of your grasp

With strength she has moved on

Whether she left on her own

Or you pushed her away

Really doesn’t matter now

Because you didn’t fight for her to stay

Did you really think she was so broken

That she wouldn’t get up again

She is stronger than she ever was

Just now with less faith in men

You don’t need to look back for her

Because she isn’t there

She chose to take a different path than you

The minute you showed you didn’t care

You should have showed her she was your world

Instead you put her last

Now you get a future without her

As she puts you in her past

Maybe someday you’ll look back

At all the little things she used to do

Because you were her whole world

Her only mistake was believing in you

She took her pain and locked it away

She now holds her head up high

Memories of you all bittersweet

But they no longer make her cry

You can look back at things one day

One thing you can surely know

She would have been by your side til the end

But you chose to let her go