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Of all the poems I have written this is my favorite because it is the truest I have ever been and it is me. Maybe it felt like my final goodbye to everyone. I have been ready to go home for a long time and holding on for everyone still here that I love. But my body and soul are very tired. So when my time is here don't be sad. Rejoice that I am finally going home. I am finally free.

Going Home

35322_1400888115505_4897018_nby Softwolfsong aka Tammy Richards28 Nov 2013

When the time comes for me to go

Don’t you cry for me

Rejoice that I can finally rest

That I am finally free

Hold my funeral in the night

Let candles light your heart

Listen to the quiet night sounds

I was always a child of the dark

Bring a choir of howling wolves

To sing their haunting song

It was what was inside my soul

It’s what I felt all along

I tried my best to be a good person

To do what I thought was right

It became harder and harder

To find my inner light

The world knocked me down

Again and again I stood

But it shoved me down again

Until I no longer could

Living on the edge all I could

Wishing it all would end

To scared to just do it myself

To commit the unforgivable sin

A smiling face is what you saw

Someone who cared about you

All along dying and alone inside

But no one really knew

So don’t you cry because I’m gone

Finally I’m no longer alone

The Softwolfsong sang her last song

Now she is going home