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Im to liberal to be a conservative and to conservative to be a liberal. Just thoughts from a hip hop artist who really takes the genre called Rhythm and Poetry (R.A.P or RAP) literally. Peace and Grace
Soli Blue

The devil is a dick and Jesus likes to Party

Photo_of_me_in_the_desertby Soli Blue20 Aug 2014

The devil is a dick
And Jesus likes to party
But he's not a liberal
The good, the bad and the hipsters
I don't care about the color of the fingers
That pulled the triggers
Left wing, right Wing
The birds in the middle
All fly down south to escape the blizzards
The chase of an endless harvest
The end of the heartless
People with the darkest carcasses in their closets
One day will be expose to you and I
We will recognize
That we are more a like than we like
To admit
That we are all finite
The finest phoenix porcine flying
Still it's a burning sight in the sky
An old folk tails
That worked on the road with rails
Under rain or sunshine
Awaiting for a train to come by
To aero plane the confines of the combined coastlines
A sea of unvisited hieroglyphics
An universalist mistress
Is an activist in the mist
Of the Atlantic and the Pacific
The devil is still a dick
And Jesus likes to party
But he's is not a conservative