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Please, do read my poem as its dedicated to My King(Bhutan) and Covid warriors

Covid-19 Pandemic

Pz-avatarby Sonam Dorji26 Aug 2020

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,
It disrupted all the countries of the world,
Everyday millions of people are dying
And many countries are going under a painful torture.
The pandemic has reached in Bhutan
However, the foresighted deeds of our munificent King,
The Government, frontliners and monastic bodies,
We were safe from this pandemic.
Unfortunately, the local transmission had surged.
Therefore, our King, Government and Frontliners
Are giving their time in saving us from this atrocious pandemic.
Thus, their attributes couldn't be expressed in words.
Long live Our Majesty, and one and all who are in saving us,
We hold their altruistic deeds.