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This poem is testimony why all should learn the Heimlich Maneuver.

Heimlich for a Friend

Robert_bio_photo_1___version_3__1_by Robert L. Ferrier15 Sep 2014

She laughed and forked the beef sate.
I smiled then saw the waiter pale.
My friend’s dark eyes seemed far astray
as fear unfurled its eager sail
and launched its sudden ship from bay
while I though lacking mace and mail
leapt and joined the race with time
embraced her waist and balled my hands
slammed up as though to will her mine
felt her slump, a listless weight
made bargains with the King of Angels
reloaded hands and fired an angle.
She coughed at last and breathed, “Okay”
as I resumed my chair and leaned
to stroke a single tear away.
A toddler toddled by and preened.
The waiter stopped and joked of tolls;
I damned all bells and passed the rolls.