The Double Stop Fiddle Shop

Robert_bio_photo_1___version_3__1_by Robert L. Ferrier20 Oct 2014

When you tour Guthrie save the best for last.
Park at a corner red brick building
the Double Stop Fiddle Shop
and Music Hall.

Find Byron Berline
blond maestro of bluegrass
talking to a friend beneath a wall
of mandolins, violins and banjos.

Ask him to take you next door
upstairs and past the room
where they serve pie at the break
then into the music hall

rows of padded metal chairs
arranged in front of a stage.
Feel the notes in the air
gospel of “Oil in My Lamp”

western swing of “Take Me
Back to Tulsa”
“My Sweet Love Ain’t Around”
and again save the best for last.

Close your eyes and smell the smokestack
feel the rumble on the tracks
listen to that distant wail
right on time, “The Orange Blossom Special.”