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Robert L. Ferrier

From Norman, OK

I have published poetry in ten literary journals. I am the resident poet at the quarterly online journal, The Exhibitionist,, where my ongoing project, The Dante Dreams, is published and recorded. Devotees of The Divine Comedy will find these poems of interest, as they are set in Inferno. I was a 2007 nominee for Poet Laureate of Oklahoma.

What inspires me?

Great art in any form.

My best line

Contrails (In Memory of the Columbia Astronauts) One contrail signaled launch and seven souls slipped the ties of Earth while still bound to our hearts They saw dawn tread continents, and thunderclouds winking like fireflies over oceans. They peered down at conflicts shrived to nothing. We can’t blame the stars for inviting them in, or beg angels to send them home. So contrails scarred the sky, searing our hearts with a script of unlived dreams. Yet seven new stars shine, their faces touched by God.

Top 5 poets

  1. Dante Alighieri
  2. Howard Nemerov
  3. Ted Kooser
  4. Pablo Neruda
  5. William Carlos Williams

Top 5 poems

  1. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
  2. The Goose Fish by Howard Nemerov
  3. At the Cancer Clinic by Ted Kooser
  4. Ode to the Cat by Pablo Neruda
  5. This Is Just To Say by William Carlos Williams

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