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Coming home.

I'll drop to my knees

Pz-avatarby Tired Pirate 10 Oct 2017

I'm peeling back paint on these memories I've lost
and its falling away to reveal a thick green moss
I want them back
I need them back

I'd like to trace these little rivers
these hidden little red rivers with a blade called truth
open them up to watch them flow & flow until I lie with them

how else should I do it
so it works for me and these words I use

I need these memories to come back
even if they crawl back
the thought of them is all I've had
to get me over this ancient mountain range
I keep scraping on up and falling back down

oh if I'd ever known - that this was my way home
I would have worn a bigger smile

yet those who loose on such a scale
are the ones that shine with such detail
the clothes you saw and gardens you dreamt
would never be more than a last lament

you cannot see through these blinds at night
the doors are all locked and the cars parked tight
while I stand with these stars and few dying leaves
I'll slowly fall silent and drop to my knees