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An empty shell after a long days work standing in a supermarket.

Apparently this is where we are

Pz-avatarby Tired Pirate 10 Oct 2017


as I stand watching these dark brown sand dunes of third world misery fall into these glossy bags (for a split second of effortless consumer stimulation)

the planets are creating a harmonic vibration that has
an unspeakable influence on the fact that I breath and listen yet here I am with these latex gloves staring at a clock

as I stand here listening in on this emerald green dress bought for twenty dollars, speaking it’s own mind about a wedding
that’s not her’s but needs to be

I’m reminded that any object that is made up of water
is affected by these vibrations
this leaves me feeling cautious about - what I think

and here I am standing again, ready to fall numbly into the depths of it.