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I don't know who to describe this piece, except honest insanity.

Like They Love My Lines

Sp_regby Soulistic_Poet®12 Jan 2014

I’m jealous of my poetry
It feels like the world love my lines
But they have no love for me
I write with full truth
But I share with a hint of envy
For I know they will praise my words
But ignore the hand
That writes these lines so deadly

I write these lines from my soul
And I know many say they feel this
But I know they don’t understand it’s cold
They seem to survive the frigid aura
With no signs of the frostbites that bite me bold
They recite my words
With no hitch
While I’m lost in my soul’s craters and holes

I’m in debt for the way they praise my rhymes
But I feel I’m left in the shadow
Of all my sick and twisted lines
As if my words, they overcast
The pain that infects this mind
It’s almost as if
They get lost in my literary delivery
They forget these feelings are really mine

I am probably on the last leg of sanity
Because only the craziest of the crazies
Respond to love of their creativity
With pain and worries and distress
Due to jealousy
Because though I believe they love my lines
I’m convinced
They have no love for me


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