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A simple love poem. This one can be found in my ebook "Poetic Asylum" now on Kindle for $0.99

Love Is Sugar

Sp_regby Soulistic_Poet®12 Jan 2014

Love is sugar
It is real sugar
Pure sugar
A substitute
Only dilutes
The truth
And you only get half of its sweetness

Love is sugar
The real sugar
Straight from the cane
Into vein
Flowing through the body
Never accept
The manufactured version
The chucked
And plowed
And bleached version
Take your sugar straight from the source

Love is sugar
That extra ingredient
That makes the bitter taste
Of the tea of life
Just a bit more bearable
It’s the slice of cake
That eases
The blows of a long day
The ice cream
That sooths
The burning soul
It’s okay to let this sugar be your comfort

Love is sugar
It provides a rush like non other
Butterflies in your stomach
Flap their wings out of excitement
Your heart beats
To the beats
Of your internal songs
It leaves the sweetest taste on your lips
There is nothing like pure sugar
Nothing like pure love

Love is sugar
Pure sugar
Straight from the cane sugar
Sugar substitutes
Only dilute the truth
In the case of love
“Just like” sugar products
Is completely bad for you
Nothing less
Sugar cane juice


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